Native American Addiction Treatment Program in South Dakota

Keystone Treatment Center, located in South Dakota, is proud to offer a specialized Native American treatment program that addresses the traditional values of our Native American patients. We recognize the uniqueness of the Native American culture and are sensitive to including it throughout the treatment process.

About Our Program

Learn about our Native American treatment program

At Keystone Treatment Center, our goal is to provide you with transformative treatment that can assist you in overcoming addiction. We also believe that you’re far more than just someone who is grappling with such a problem, which is why we’re pleased to offer culturally-sensitive services for all who come to Keystone to become well again.

Given our location and proximity to many Native American tribes, we supply outstanding, expert services that reflect the traditions and practices of the Native American culture. Whether you are Native American or would like to benefit from the healing practices that we have to offer, we are pleased to supply programming that can allow you to work towards becoming sober while participating in several culture-based interventions.

Keystone Treatment Center’s Native American program addresses the traditional values of our Native American patients. This program is available in addition to our formal addiction services and it can be utilized to complement the superior programming that we offer.

The staff at Keystone includes Native American counselors, as well as Native American Cultural and Spiritual Advisors. There is also a full-time cultural coordinator who provides guidance for our Native American patients. Additionally, Keystone has certified Native American chemical dependency counselors who provide treatment in adult programs.

Why Choose Us?

Why choose Keystone’s Native American treatment program?

At Keystone Treatment Center, we follow specific guidelines to ensure that cultural sensitivity is applied in all areas of treatment. Patients and staff members are allowed and encouraged to use their Native Language. We validate and implement the cultural and spiritual practices of each individual patient, while also advocating for our patients’ cultural and spiritual awareness. Additionally, staff development includes cultural sensitivity training from a person or entity within or outside of our organization who demonstrates knowledge, commitment, and sincerity in promoting cultural practices and encouraging cultural pride.

As part of our Native American programming, the staff at Keystone will make every effort to respect the traditions of the various tribes that are represented in treatment, while also meeting the spiritual needs of all of our patients so that true and lasting recovery can be achieved. By including this beneficial treatment track in your experience at Keystone, you will truly heal in mind, body, and spirit.

Activities Offered

Activities offered in Keystone’s Native American program in South Dakota

Under the direction of our Native American coordinator, there are a number of activities offered for our Native American patients in adult programs that are located directly on Keystone’s grounds. These activities may be implemented into patients’ treatment plans at any time throughout the course of treatment so that our patients can have a truly well-rounded experience while at our center.

Should you opt to partake in the Native American program, you can benefit from the following activities that can further your healing and recovery process:

  • Inipi/purification ceremonies are held weekly at Keystone’s onsite Sweat Lodge.
  • Individual assessments are provided for patients with the cultural coordinator.
  • Honoring ceremonies may be held as requested.
  • Traditional songs and prayers are offered to help with the struggles that our patients face regarding death or loss.
  • Sharing occurs on the Red Road Walk, and discussions are held on how it fits in with the 12-Step Recovery Model.
  • Spiritual advising is offered on various traditions.
  • Smudging and prayers are completed using sage, sweet grass, or cedar.
  • Patients are able to take part in a Talking Circle so that they can give and receive support to and from one another.

These activities are both integral parts of Native American culture and can help you reach your treatment goals in a way that supports long-lasting recovery.

Find Out More

Find out more about our Native American program

If you would like to learn more about our Native American program, or any other service available at Keystone Treatment Center, feel free to contact us at your convenience. Your cultural foundation is important to us and we look forward to being able to offer you care that allows you to continue living an authentic, spiritually-connected life that is rooted in Native American traditions.

Keystone is amazing when it comes to their addiction treatment. They actually treat you like a human being and help you realize your potential.

– Anonymous Patient