Specialty Programs for Addiction Recovery in South Dakota

When you choose Keystone Treatment Center as the place to break free from the grips of addiction, you can rest assured that you’ll receive not just world class substance abuse services, but also supplemental therapeutic supports that can give you a truly comprehensive treatment experience.

Our Specialty Programs

Specialty program offered at Keystone in South Dakota

At Keystone, we recognize that many of the adolescents and adults who heal with us are often struggling with more than just substance abuse problems and that many people require additional services in order to experience lasting recovery.

To ensure that all individuals receive the care that they need in the manner that is best suited to them, we are pleased to offer a variety of specialty programs and treatment tracks:

  • Christian Program
  • Meth Dependence Program
  • Native American Program
  • Opioid Dependence Program
  • Chronic Pain Program
  • Gambling Disorder Program
  • Law Enforcement Program
  • Medical and Legal Professional Program

Christian Program

Learn more about the Christian program at Keystone

For a treatment experience that includes faith-based services that can enhance your spiritual health, we are proud to offer a Christian program that incorporates Christian principles, Bible study, meetings with a Christian Spiritual Advisor and local church services each Sunday.

Meth Dependence Program

Learn more about the meth dependence program at Keystone

Since an addiction to meth can be exceptionally difficult to overcome, we supply specialized services for you if you’re looking to defeat this sort of chemical dependency problem. This program features detox services, medication-assisted treatment, and support from professionals who are expertly trained to offer treatment for this sort of addiction.

Native American Program

Learn more about the Native American program at Keystone

If you would like your experience at Keystone to incorporate the values and cultural practices of Native American traditions, our Native American Track can be part of your treatment. This track is led by our Native American coordinator and enables you to partake in talking circles, honoring ceremonies, and other activities that promote healing and positive change.

Opioid Dependence Program

Learn more about the opioid dependence program at Keystone

Overcoming an addiction to heroin and/or prescription painkillers necessitates specific care in order to reclaim your life. Given this fact, we offer a unique opioid addiction treatment program that can help you detox, understand what led to this sort of addiction, and develop the skills needed to live an opioid-free life.

Chronic Pain Program

Learn more about the chronic pain program at Keystone

If you’re struggling with an addiction and a chronic pain condition, Keystone is the perfect place for you to become well again. Not only will you be offered top-notch addiction services, but we can also treat and help you cope with pain in a manner that doesn’t compromise your sobriety.

Gambling Disorder Program

Learn more about the gambling disorder program at Keystone

While not a chemical addiction, gambling addiction can certainly ravage a person’s life. Therefore, if you have struggled with this sort of concern, our gambling addiction program may be right for you. In this track, you will learn methods for controlling urges to gamble and receive support from others who understand what it means to struggle with substance abuse and gambling at the same time.

Law Enforcement Program

Learn more about the law enforcement program at Keystone

If you work as a police officer, firefighter, paramedic, or another type of public servant, you can benefit greatly from our first responder treatment program so that your unique needs can be fully addressed while working on your recovery. Our staff will help you process trauma and other specific issues related to your profession so that you can experience the most favorable treatment outcomes possible.

Medical & Legal Professionals Program

Learn more about the medical & legal professionals program at Keystone

Grappling with an addiction while having a medical or legal career can be overwhelming. Therefore, if you have this sort of profession and are looking to achieve sobriety so that you can return to your job as a healthy, sober person, our medical and legal professionals track can be included in your treatment plan. This program can help you develop the skills you need to return to your position as a doctor, nurse, lawyer, or another such profession without struggling with chemical dependency.

Find Out More

Find out more about the specialty program at our treatment center

During our streamlined admissions process, our staff will be able to determine if one of these tracks is a good fit for your treatment goals. When indicated, the services available within these specialty programs will be included in your treatment plan and then part of your day-to-day life while at Keystone Treatment Center.

To learn more about these invaluable specialty treatment tracks, feel free to contact our staff today. We look forward to giving you the information that you need to make the most informed and appropriate decision regarding your treatment and future.

Keystone's program really helped my daughter. It was like night and day difference when she came back from treatment.

– Anonymous Patient

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