Our Philosophy

At Keystone Treatment Center, we believe that alcoholism, substance abuse, and gambling are chronic illnesses that require a comprehensive, individualized continuum of care. We believe recovery is possible for all who follow the treatment recommendations, and that the 12-step philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous provides a sound foundation for that recovery. We are committed to employing adjunct therapies when appropriate to meet the needs of our patients.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Keystone Treatment Center to provide quality treatment to people battling chemical dependency, people struggling with compulsive gambling, and people with co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders, as well as to their families. We inspire our employees to deliver clinical excellence so that Keystone becomes the preferred treatment provider for individuals and families in need. We provide quality care for all of the individuals and agencies that we serve.

We believe that it is our professional responsibility to determine the appropriate level of care and to provide that level of care for each patient. We are committed to rendering this treatment to all of the individuals who we serve. We are committed to rendering this treatment in an atmosphere of integrity, respect, accountability, trust, honesty, responsibility, and excellence through supportive confrontation, the sharing of feelings, reality orientation, and medical and psychiatric management. We believe that treatment starts with assessment and continues through to continuing care/aftercare plans and follow up care.

We are committed to the following:

  • Setting the standard of excellence in the field of chemical dependency, gambling, and the treatment of co-occurring illnesses (addiction and psychiatric disorders)
  • Treating our patients and others with dignity and respect
  • Developing relationships with referents and the community, and continually adapting and improving our services to best meet their needs
  • Establishing an environment of enthusiasm and excitement about the worthiness of our work
  • Offering an outstanding work environment, which affords employees the opportunity to thrive and grow both professionally and personally

Our Treatment Approach

At Keystone Treatment Center, we believe that each person:

  • Possesses the right be treated with dignity, regardless of creed, gender, race, age, sexual orientation, or ethnic origin
  • Is a unique and holistic creation with right to life, dignity, and worth as a person and as a member of society
  • Has an inherent potential for change and growth
  • Need not be bound by past learning history, but can respond to both present and future expectations
  • Has the ability to continually adapt to a changing environment; an environment which, on a daily basis, challenges the balance between disease and health

Our fundamental goal is to restore the individual to a healthier, happier, and more productive life, free from dependence on addictive chemicals, gambling, and other destructive behaviors.

Successful recovery encompasses improvements in self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, positive family interaction, vocational productivity, the establishment and attainment of realistic life goals, and a healthy lifestyle adjustment. Keystone provides individuals with the opportunity to learn these skills through a program structure that provides a safe environment in which individuals can explore the application of these skills.

Keystone was a light in my life when I was surrounded by darkness. I am forever grateful for my time at their wonderful facility

– Anonymous Patient

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