Heroin Addiction Detox Center in South Dakota

Keystone Treatment Center helps individuals struggling with heroin addiction build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Located in South Dakota, Keystone will help you start your recovery journey with detoxification.

Why Detox from Heroin

Importance of detoxification from heroin

Heroin is an extremely dangerous substance of abuse. However, despite heroin’s known dangers, numerous individuals choose to ingest this drug. Sadly, even a simple experimentation with heroin can quickly cause the onset of an addiction. Heroin’s addictive properties rapidly entrap individuals into a continual cycle of abuse that can cause monumental problems within their lives.

Heroin can be consumed via injection, snorting, or smoking. Each path of administration can cause its own set of adverse effects. For instance, smoking heroin can cause lung damage, snorting can destroy the nasal cavity, and injecting can cause the contraction of viruses such as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. These are only a handful of examples of a number of different detriments that can occur. Despite the devastating consequences that can occur, however, many individuals grapple to stop their use of heroin because of the pleasing high that is produced when consumed.

As individuals continue to abuse heroin, their bodies can grow tolerant to the substance itself, which means that they need more of it in order to obtain the effects they desire. As use increases, their bodies can then grow dependent on the substance, meaning that their systems no longer are able to function without the presence of heroin. As a result, when these individuals try to stop the use of the drug, they are vulnerable to experiencing withdrawal.

The withdrawal process can be excruciating, often causing individuals to resume their heroin use so they no longer have to suffer that pain. Therefore, the dangerous pattern of heroin abuse persists, placing individuals at a profound risk for struggling with deadly outcomes.

One method of preventing the return to heroin abuse is to engage in detoxification services. Also known as detox, this process provides the addicted individual with comfort and safety as the toxic substance is cleared from his or her system.

Benefits of Detox

Benefits of detox from heroin

Detoxification refers to the physiological process of clearing substance of abuse from an individual’s body. Those who choose to obtain treatment from a detox center can benefit from the following:

  • Ongoing support is supplied by addiction treatment experts, helping to prevent future relapse.
  • By obtaining these services in a treatment setting, patients can transition into therapeutic programming at the time of finishing detox.
  • The cravings that are often brought on by the cessation of heroin use can be managed.
  • The upset that comes along with withdrawal from heroin can be decreased.
  • The future consequences that heroin can have on one’s physical and psychological health can be decreased.

Why Detox at Keystone

Why choose detox from heroin at Keystone Treatment Center in South Dakota

Due to the highly dangerous impact that prolonged heroin use can bring upon an individual’s life, partaking in detox services can be a life-saving experience.

One of the most beneficial settings to obtain detox services is within a residential heroin treatment center. Since heroin use impacts every area of an individual’s life, by partaking in the comprehensive care that is supplied within a residential setting, individuals can find true, lasting healing.

At Keystone Treatment Center, we take pride in the all-inclusive care we supply to those who are grappling with heroin addiction. We realize the incredible devastation that heroin use can have on one’s life, as well as on the lives of those around him or her, which is why we are dedicated to supplying the care that addresses all of the issues that can impact one’s recovery. Through the use of a number of therapeutic interventions, the programming supplied at Keystone can make obtaining sobriety something that is within reach for all.

If you or someone you care for is struggling with heroin addiction, please reach out to Keystone today.

Thanks to Keystone I have been clean and sober for over 23 years... I am so grateful that Keystone never gave up on me even after I gave up on myself.

– T.P.

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