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Keystone Treatment Center is committed to delivering the highest quality care to help individuals struggling with percocet addiction find long-term recovery.

Learn More About Percocet Abuse Recovery

Learn More About Percocet Addiction Recovery at Keystone Treatment Center in South Dakota

When used appropriately within the parameters of a doctor’s recommendations, prescription pain medications like Percocet provide effective relief for those who are struggling with moderate to severe pain. While these drugs definitely have a place when treating legitimate medical conditions, they must be used with caution since they can be highly addictive. Known for the euphoric and relaxed state they create when abused, prescription painkillers including Percocet have contributed to the spike in opioid-related addiction and overdoses over recent years.

When a person becomes dependent on Percocet, he or she is likely to suffer destructive consequences that will only get worse over time. Damages to one’s emotional, physical, and mental health will make functioning at work, home, or school very challenging. When an individual has been abusing Percocet, he or she will eventually need more of the drug and in more frequent doses in order to obtain the desired effects. When this happens, it is said that the individual has developed a tolerance for Percocet, and it is a key indicator that he or she is grappling with substance use disorder.

At Keystone Treatment Center, we realize the suffering that comes along with a prescription painkiller addiction, and our programming is provided with unwavering commitment to compassionate care. Our individualized treatment plans are made up of evidence-based therapeutic treatments, and are customized to each individual who looks for treatment at our center.

When an individual has been stuck within the grips of a dependence upon Percocet, he or she might feel a sense of isolation because substance abuse can encourage an individual to withdrawal from activities and people that were once important. However by reaching out to the team at Keystone, you will find that you are not alone within your challenges, and that a sober life is attainable with the correct support.

Helping a Loved One

Helping a Loved One or Family Member Get Treatment for Percocet Addiction

Watching a loved one or a family member grapple with the destructive consequences, signs and symptoms that Percocet addiction causes is not an easy task. Unable to speak up appropriately for him or herself, the individual may need your support to summon the strength to access care.

If you have not experienced chemical dependence for yourself, you should get a stronger understanding of addiction, and take time to research the many ways in which Percocet can impact one’s wellbeing. In addition, take some time to look into options for residential care in your loved one’s area.

When you have accumulated all of the necessary information, share your findings with your loved one in a manner that is non-judgmental and understanding. Be ready for some resistance to the idea of beginning treatment; however, remind your loved one that you are there to support him or her and that they do not need to go through the process alone.

During the entire process, ensure that you monitor your own wellbeing. You will need strength to support your loved one as he or she faces the road to recovery, so be willing to care for yourself, too.

Why Consider Rehab?

Why Consider Rehab for Percocet Addiction

Most individuals are aware of the many consequences that can occur when an individual is overcome with Percocet addiction. The immensely addictive nature of this substance can make ending one’s use without support nearly impossible, even under the best circumstances. When left untreated, Percocet use disorder will only get worse, and soon securing and using more of the substance will become the most important thing in one’s life, putting personal and professional responsibilities on the back burner.

While it is true that a Percocet addiction has the potential to destroy every area of one’s life, the outlook does not come without hope. Numerous individuals who have experienced the grasp of chemical dependence have found healing and sobriety in working within a program at a top-notch treatment center like Keystone.

Addiction can be difficult to overcome; however, at Keystone Treatment Center, we believe in the strength of the individuals who come to us looking for care, and we supply the individualized programming that can help them end their Percocet addiction once and for all.

Treatments & Therapies Offered

Types of Treatment and Therapy Options for Percocet Abuse at Keystone Treatment Center

Keystone Treatment Center is a nationally recognized substance abuse, compulsive gambling, and mental health treatment center that offers inpatient and outpatient treatment for adults. Our inpatient program is located on 13 acres of semi-rural land, providing a peaceful retreat for healing. Our residential treatment programs are separated by gender, allowing each of our patients a uniquely tailored treatment experience. Part of this experience also includes specialized tracks for adult patients.

Men and women can partake in our Gambling, Christian, Young Adult, Chronic Pain, Native American, Methamphetamine Corrections, or Opioid tracks. Depending on each patient’s needs, one or a combination of the aforementioned tracks can be incorporated into his or her customized treatment plan.

Perhaps the most important facet of our programming is our staff. We use a multidisciplinary approach, including physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, addictionologists, nurses, therapists, counselors, dieticians, technicians, pastors, and cultural advisors to surround patients with a caring, attentive staff. Depending on individual needs, we provide our patients with the following types of treatment:

Medically monitored detoxification: If an individual comes to our center with Percocet, other drugs, or alcohol in his or her body, we provide medically monitored detoxification services within our inpatient programming so that he or she can then fully participate in treatment. Our Percocet detoxification services include 24/7 nursing care with physicians available to monitor the progress of patients.

Medication management: Those struggling with co-occurring mental illness may need certain medications to alleviate their symptoms. Medical doctors and staff psychiatrists work together to determine the best medication regimen for each individual patient, and nursing staff assist with medical monitoring and medication management.

Individual therapy: Individual therapy provides a safe place for patients to process through the triumphs and trials that the healing and recovery process can entail. All patients are provided with individual therapy at least twice per week with a primary counselor. In addition, patients also have the option of meeting with a psychiatrist, primary nurse, psychologist, or clergy member as needed.

Family therapy: While each patient’s decision to begin treatment is a strong step towards recovery and freedom from his or her afflictions, a patient’s family can be one of his or her best resources. Keystone recognizes the unique role that family plays in a patient’s process of healing, and so we provide a licensed family therapist who conducts therapy sessions with the patient and family members as needed. In addition, we provide a weekly Family Program every Sunday before visiting hours. The Family Program is free of charge and includes one hour of psychoeducational programming prior to meeting with patients. We also offer day-long programming on Mondays and Tuesdays for family members.

Group therapy: Group therapy is a central component of our treatment. Groups are led by licensed or certified counselors and are held three times per day for adults.

Group topics for adults may include the following:

  • Topics Group
  • Relaxation Groups
  • 12-Step Group Meetings
  • Men’s Topic Group
  • Women’s Topic Group
  • Young Adult Topic Group Community Group
  • Spirituality Groups
  • Gambling Group
  • Interactive Sharing Therapy group

Experiential therapy: In addition to traditional groups, patients at Keystone have a number of daily experiential therapy opportunities to choose from, including:

  • Cultural activities
  • Pastoral care
  • Ropes course
  • Arts and crafts
  • Bibliotherapy
  • Recreational therapy
  • Social training

For More Information

Find Out More Information About Percocet Addiction Recovery at our Addiction Treatment Center

In addition to offering the treatment methods described above, we also work closely with patients to create thorough discharge and aftercare plans. Each patient’s individual counselor and primary nurse work with a social worker to evaluate discharge needs. In addition, we offer weekly discharge planning groups throughout a patient’s stay with us.

Here at Keystone, we care about recovery. We aim to restore our patients to healthier, happier, more productive lives free from dependence on addictive chemicals, gambling, and other destructive behaviors. If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to Percocet, let Keystone Recovery Center be the place where you take your first step toward a recovered life.

Keystone is amazing. They helped me recover from my addiction and find a better path in life.

– Anonymous Patient

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