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Keystone Treatment Center helps individuals struggling with a drug addiction build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Located in South Dakota, Keystone will help you start your recovery journey with detoxification and transition to residential rehabilitation.

Why Choose Our Drug Detox Program

Importance of detoxification

The abuse of drugs and/or alcohol can cause severe impairments in all areas of one’s life. The presence of an addiction rapidly forces individuals into a cycle of making the use of that substance their main priority, allowing other responsibilities to fall to the wayside next to the acquisition and consumption of their substances of choice. The end result of this can be the onset of problems at work, issues within relationships, and a deterioration of one’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Furthermore, the longer that an addiction continues, the more vulnerable individuals are to suffering an overdose, which can be deadly.

When individuals keep consuming drugs and/or alcohol, their bodies can start to get used to the presence of the substances in their systems. As a result, tolerance can develop, which means that the individuals must consume more of their chosen substances in order to keep achieving the desired effects. As this increase continues, these individuals can end up developing a physical dependency on the substances, meaning that their bodies no longer function effectively unless the substances have been consumed. As a result of this dependence, if an individual attempts to end his or her use of the substance(s) of choice, he or she will likely suffer a period of withdrawal, as his or her body tries to keep functioning in the manner it did before the use of drugs or alcohol.

Sadly, the symptoms that occur during this period of withdrawal can be, in the least, highly uncomfortable and, at the most, possibly lethal. Due to the fact that these symptoms will almost automatically occur when the substance is consumed again, many individuals go back to resuming their drug or alcohol use in an effort to obtain relief from their pain. Therefore, the pattern of addiction carries on.

Benefits of Detox

Benefits of detox at Keystone Treatment Center

One method of preventing the tumultuous period of withdrawal from causing an individual to revert back to using his or her drug of choice is through participation in detoxification services. Detoxification, which is also known as detox, is a medically monitored process of having toxic substances physiologically cleared from the body. By obtaining detox, individuals can benefit in the following ways:

  • Once detox is finished, individuals can transition into the next level of care where they can partake in a number of therapeutic services that are able to help healing occur in an emotional manner, while also helping individuals learn methods to prevent future relapse.
  • Members of individuals’ treatment teams are able to help them sort out their cravings for continued use of their drugs of choice.
  • As the substances of abuse are cleared from an individual’s system, further damage to his or her health is prevented.
  • The temptation to go back to using one’s drug of choice is eradicated as detox occurs within a substance-free environment.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable professionals are available to help supervise one’s progress, ensuring their safety and comfort.

When a person decides against detox, he or she is putting him or herself at risk for suffering a significant amount of consequences. As was mentioned before, the abuse of substances can bring about disturbances in many, if not all, areas of one’s life. Due to the fact that the substance of abuse often becomes an individual’s top priority, other responsibilities and obligations can start to be ignored. The individual might fail to appear for work or may demonstrate a decline in his or her occupational performance, possibly leading to job loss or demotion. This can cause financial problems.

In addition, the individual might not follow through with his or her responsibilities at home, causing problems within families and the onset of marital issues. As the addiction starts to impair an individual’s functioning, he or she might be faced with the loss of child custody or may experience a demise of friendships. The continued abuse of drugs and/or alcohol can also cause interaction with law enforcement and the legal system, introducing a number of additional problems. Furthermore, an individual’s physical and mental health is put at an ever-present risk when substance abuse is allowed to continue.

Why Detox at Keystone

Why choose detox at Keystone Treatment Center in South Dakota

At Keystone, we realize the destruction that comes along with the ongoing abuse of drugs and alcohol, however, we also realize how intimidating the prospect of completing detox can seem. For this reason, we strive to make the process of detox as approachable as possible. By engaging in a streamlined screening process, our devoted staff members can help individuals determine if our detox program is the most optimal for their needs.

If you or someone in your life requires treatment for an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol and can benefit from detox services, allow our team of professionals at Keystone help.

Thanks to Keystone I have been clean and sober for over 23 years... I am so grateful that Keystone never gave up on me even after I gave up on myself.

– T.P.

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