Family Therapy Program for Addiction Recovery in South Dakota

At Keystone Treatment Center, we recognize the important role that families play in the successful recovery of our patients. For this reason, we are proud to offer our Family Program at no additional cost to our patients or their family members.

The Family Program at Keystone began in the late 70s and today continues its long history of including family members into their loved one’s treatment and into the continuum of care that is associated with recovery for their loved one and for themselves. The Family Program is held every Sunday immediately prior to visiting hours. This program includes one hour of psycho-educational programming for family members that they are able to engage in before meeting with their loved one for visiting hours.

In addition to the weekly Sunday programming, Keystone’s Family Program includes day-long programming on Mondays and Tuesdays. Participation in these day-long sessions is scheduled with the family’s input and in conjunction with the patient and the patient’s family therapist. In most circumstances, each family will be asked to come in for a session during the third week of their loved one’s time in treatment. However, this time frame may be altered depending upon each patient’s specific needs and treatment plans. During the first 72 hours following admission into treatment at Keystone, the Family Program Coordinator or other treatment team designee will contact patients’ family members via telephone and schedule times for participation in the family program.

An average family group can include anywhere from 45 to 60 members each week. These group members are provided with education and therapy to help them cope with their loved one’s struggles and continue on their own individual path towards recovery.

The Family Program at Keystone Treatment Center is designed to strengthen the family system, modify family behaviors, promote open and honest communication, and encourage healthy relationships. Family counseling is accomplished through individual counseling sessions, educational programming, group therapy, and family sessions.

In order to determine how the Family Program may best assist our patients’ loved ones, the family members of our patients will take part in an assessment that will include an evaluation on the following points:

  • The family’s perception regarding the patient’s chemical dependency or compulsive gambling problem and their feelings/responses to those concerns
  • The family’s perception of the effect of the patient’s chemical dependency or gambling on them individually and on the family system as a whole
  • The family’s previous attempts to address the patient’s problems, including any history of prior chemical dependency or psychiatric treatment
  • The family’s previous exposure to treatment for dependency
  • The family’s expectations of treatment for the patient and themselves
  • The family’s use of alcohol and drugs and/or their participation in gambling
  • The family’s history of chemical dependency and/or gambling

Treatment outcomes are vastly greater when patients’ family members are actively involved in their therapeutic process. So while participation in the family program is not a requirement, it is highly recommended.

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